About Us

Our company has a holistic approach to technology that is rooted in the belief that the only way to market your business in our online-connected world is to promote a consistent message across all your platforms. Our company uses creativity and innovative marketing techniques to create a unique full-service technology package for your business. We will work with you to provide the necessary tools to help develop a unique brand to showcase your business in the most positive manner.

Our company specializes in the nonprofit field. It is especially important for nonprofits to utilize all the fundraising opportunities at their disposal. We focus on creating fundraising campaigns to help you raise donations for your nonprofit. Our company will help you redesign your website to be an optimal fundraising tool, through donation buttons on your homepage, PayPal links to make donating simple, and a compelling layout filled with promotional stories and photographs. We also create targeted social media and email marketing campaigns to promote your nonprofit and mission to your community of supporters.