Our Team

Marilyn Jackson is the President and Founder of mjacksoncomputers, a full- service technology company that was founded in 1992. Marilyn Jackson believes in helping small local entrepreneurial businesses grow their website and social media presence through targeted marketing campaigns and sleek designs. She creatively manages online content for businesses to help them grow, thrive, and stand out from the rest.  Marilyn specializes in SEO Analytics, Google AdWords and customizing social media campaigns.
Jolieba Jackson Blount is from the San Francisco Bay Area and resides in Los Angeles where she works as a professional Actress and Educator. Jolieba specializes in social media for fashion, beauty, nutrition and health.
Colin Cotter graduated from Columbia University with a BA in International Politics in 2011, and is a specialist in website & graphic design. When he is not working in technology, Colin works as a professional musician, touring extensively as a solo artist and accompanist, and manages & performs with the band, A Thousand Years at Sea.

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