The Power of Email Marketing Campaigns

As it becomes harder and harder to reach consumer bases through social media, businesses are looking for ways to focus their marketing energy. The practice of casting a wide net across social media to reach the largest number of potential clients possible is a valid one, but it misses a separate, potentially more important component of a successful marketing campaign: direct communication with consumers who have expressly shown interest in your business and/or product.

When people opt into your mailing list, they are telling you that they want to hear more. They want to learn what is new and exciting about your business. They want to be shown what you have to offer them, and how they can get it. These are they types of consumers you can count on to contribute to your business. You don’t have to convince them to buy into your concept – they’re already in, ready to go. So in addition to casting your wide net, you want to send out targeted communiqu├ęs to these folks, the people who are waiting to hear from you so they can stay on top of your latest offerings.

There are many details that we take into consideration when we implement an email marketing campaign (branding, timing, social media synching…the list goes on), and we work hand-in-hand with all of our clients to ensure that we execute the most successful campaign possible in order to help your business grow and to keep your clientele interested and informed about your business.

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